Auction Sheet of a Vehicle

Auction sheets are an essential part of buying used cars from Japan.

USS Auction sheets are very important item to be inspected before selecting your used car for purchase. These Auction reports are produced by professional inspectors employed by the auction house, independent of you, your export agent, and the seller of the vehicle in question. They can give us fairly good idea of the condition and history of specific vehicle before the auction commences.

It has following basic information in a pre-organized pattern –

  • If the Vehicle has any crash history
  • First registration date of the vehicle in Japan (Important when buying a car such as a Mercedes Benz as the registration date and actual production date may be different)
  • Any dents or scratches on the vehicle, rated in severity.
  • Actual chassis number (To be used for conformation of the year of the vehicle and check with manufacturer of any factory options etc)(Also important to make sure the car you are sold is the car that is shipped!)
  • Any rust or corrosion on the vehicle.
  • Interior condition
  • Any engine noise or transmission problem
  • Oil leaks
  • If the vehicle has been re-sprayed.


After the inspector has checked the vehicle, he (or she) will “Grade” (Explanation of the grades below) the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and also give the car a total grade, giving us a clear indication of the condition and value of the vehicle in the market.

Though the Auction sheets are a great resource, they should not be relied upon 100% and should only be used as an indication of the condition of the car. In addition to the auction sheets, we always check the car personally, to get a true picture of the target vehicle. We can actually call you from beside the car at auction for a more through inspection giving you confidence in what you are purchasing.

Below you will find more specific information on Auction sheet grading and interior grades and also a full translation of a several different Auction Sheets – Very useful information for reading the Japanese Auction Sheets if you are not fluent in Japanese!. We can help with the translations of the Auction Sheets also.


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